An online marketing and communication guide and mentor for mission-driven entrepreneurs. Roots in Twente (NL), but available worldwide through the web. Founded in March 2020 by me, Gerieke, ever-developing entrepreneur.

Focus op personal (online) business development through the worldwide web

Whether you need a fresh pair of eyes, tough love or supportive helping hand: I look forward to using my 7+ years of experience in (international) business / marketing & communications and goal-oriented attitude for your company’s purpose.

In short: Gerieke


πŸ‘© Gerieke ter Denge-Pluimers, Madame MarCom Founder

Β πŸ’ͺ Previously a Perfectionist, now prefers to be a Progressist

🌟 Insecure millennial *cough* “Multipassionate entrepreneur”

πŸŽ“ Degree in International Business Communication, Radboud University of Nijmegen

πŸ‘“ “A craftswoman”, according to ex-colleagues

πŸ—’ 6 years of corporate experience in marketing and communications, in business and in (semi)government

Previously experimented with part-time freelancing (copywriting / photography)

πŸ’š Likes: solution thinking, learning, deep 1-on-1-talks, quality-time with friends and family, enjoying good food, figuring out geeky stuffΒ myself, working from a destination in the sun, walking in the mountains (preferably with a camera in hand)

⚑ After years of self-doubt, taking the ‘safe’ route, countless webinars, podcasts, eCourses, series of unused domain names and hundreds of business plans stuck in my Google Drive: now focussing on full-time entrepreneurship.


A journey of entrepreneurial exploration

I love to explore – both professionally and privately. In my Dutch home base Twente, or more adventurous, exotic locations. Preferably with – besides my husband – my camera at hand.

Like many entrepreneurs, I started my own business for more (calendar) freedom, autonomy in how I live my life, location independence, and because I believe I can get the most out of myself and others if I dare to be an entrepreneur.

Through this website, my social media and podcast I offer a wealth of tips, inspiration about ups and downs in my own entrepreneurial exploration.

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Listen to my podcast The Madame SpeaksΒ for practical online tips & tricks, personal behind-the-scenes of my entrepreneurial life, and inspiring interviews with local and international experts.


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