It’s been quieter on my personal social media for a while. I wasn’t inactive, though. Maybe you took a peek on my profile once or twice and thought: “What is she up to?” Today, I’m offering you a glimpse behind the scenes, and you’ll read about the new route I’m taking.


At the end of 2019, my time with my former employer was up. “Isn’t it sad that it’s over?” was the constant question at family birthdays and December diners. Was it? It depends on the next step.



I could choose a trusted path. Back on pay-roll. Wise and safe. Many of my fellow Twente folk would highly appreciate that. Because “what will the people say?”

So I tried to lift my own spirits, again. Marked job ads as favourites on Wrote letters and got invited. Everything checked out, on paper. Seven years ago, those were my dream jobs. Good salary? Title that will sound great on my LinkedIn? Easy answers to the question: “So what is it you do, exactly?” Seven years ago, that would be a ‘yes’ from me.

But I’m not the same person I was seven years ago.

In my Google Drive, half-finished entrepreneurial plans piled up. The stack of unused domain names grew. Together with my personal obstacle called ‘perfectionism paralysis’. “I MUST make this even more beautiful, or else people won’t take me seriously…”

Until I realised that I hated one thing even more than doing things ‘imperfectly’:
Being at a standstill. 

Being stuck. And exactly that was my reliable path. Safe, but suffocating. It made me run aground.

I had to lay out my OWN way.


Maximum Growth

So: goodbye safe road. Make way for full-time entrepreneurship. Per 9 March 2020.

Yes, I’ve been a freelancer before. On the side. For the first time, I’m going to go all-in. Maximum risk. Maximium growth.

“Here she goes again.”
Yup. And as long as I’m going, I’m good 😁.

My husband’s words, as latest addition to my Google Drive: “Do whatever you want, because people will talk anyway.” 



Welcome to

(check out my first YouTube video for Madame MarCom below. English subtitles available:)