From a failed first business in Morocco, leaving family life in France after 20 years, to signing a five-figure client on day one of her new Dubai business amidst COVID-19. Life has been quite the ride for ‘free bird’ Jaouhara Chiadli (38). As she puts it: “There’s people that will find problems in solutions, and those that find solutions in problems.” We talk about her personal path, struggles and successes of an Arab business woman, tips for female entrepreneurs, and lessons for life. Enjoy the very first international episode of The Madame Speaks podcast.

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Why interview in English as a Dutchie?

A short intro of Jaouhara Chiadli: an energetic entrepreneurial woman, originally from Morocco. Formally a HR director in internationally active companies in the construction sector and energy field. She was awarded ‘best employee’ several times, but knew from the very start that the classic carved out career path wasn’t for her. Having learned from the highs and lows of running a total of 5 businesses up until now, she is currently active as a coach and based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

“I’m a free bird, not made for systems and rules. I want to work whenever I want, wherever I want”

The 2 most important lessons Jaouhara learned from her first failed business in Morocco – and how these still help her today

“When you’re a twentysomething, you often start a business based on feelings. Rely on figures instead”

A first step to conduct proper market research, and not just rely on gut feeling

Why you don’t always have to come up with a new idea

Challenges of multilingual marketing (and specifically as an international business woman)

What is essential for a company’s survival in the first year

“I had to erase a former part of my life”

Sacrifices Jaouhara made to surround herself with the right inner circle – and tips on how to deal with unwanted feedback

Why she is working with men mostly, and not just focusing on female clients – especially as an Arab business woman

“Maybe there can be an Oprah Winfrey in the Arab World”

Free tools vs Free noise: Online tools Jaouhara recommends for entrepreneurs on a budget

What has accelerated her business

“You will find 10,000 right ways to do things – and then you’re lost”

About people that spend time consuming coaching sessions, instead of creating business themselves

About balancing the ‘chase’ for happiness with being mindful of the moment

On her ‘why’ and plans for the next 5 years

The number one mistake many online coaches are making

Why to especially look up to people that ‘should have failed’

“We know what Bill Gates and Gandhi said. What do you say?”

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