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Under the name of Madame MarCom, travel-loving online business woman Gerieke from Twente (NL) develops herself and others through the world-wide web. For those who want to explore beyond their comfort zone step by step, and expand their horizon. Welcome to The Madame Speaks Podcast.

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Listen to the podcast The Madame Speaks for practical online tips & tricks, personal behind-the-scenes of my entrepreneurial life, and inspiring interviews with local and international experts.

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Online marketing & communications

(Female) entrepreneurship

Location-independent working

Interviews: from local to international

About your host Gerieke, Madame MarCom

After 6 years of corporate life, part-time flirts with freelancing en countless webinars, I chose to go all-in with entrepreneurship in March 2020. Read more about me & Madame MarCom:

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