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Bilingual BossBabe: Laura Gomez | #6: The Madame Speaks

From selling gummies door-to-door as a kid to working with product-based brands across the world at 23. Today's podcast guest Laura Gomez was born in Colombia, raised in the USA. From home base Orlando, Florida, she has spent the past two years building the bilingual...

International Bossbabe: From Morrocco to Paris & Dubai | The Madame Speaks #5

The very first international episode of The Madame Speaks Podcast featuring the energetic entrepreneurial woman Jaouhara Chiadli. We talk about her personal path, struggles and successes of an Arab business women, tips and tools for female entrepreneurs, and lessons for life.

Quick & Easy: 4 Tips for Content Inspiration [VIDEO]

No inspiration for your content? No worries! Use these 4 quick tips, and you’ll be brimming with fresh ideas before you know it.

So you want to make yourself heard – for whom, exactly?

We find it so important in our Western society: make yourself heard. But for whom are you doing this, exactly? Find out how a small-town girl discovers her voice as a Madame, and how this could amplify you.

Hocus Focus: 6 Tricks that help me Focus

Setting aside your goals with the ease of a swipe? Learn what helps me focus daily.

As long as I’m going, I’m good

Why I don’t take the safe route (hello entrepreneurship!)

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Marketing and communication tips, trends and tools, personal stories and typical entrepreneurial struggles.

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