As Madame MarCom, I view developments on the worldwide web from a personal perspective. From that wealth of information I compile tools, insights, and inspiration to help entrepreneurs take the next step. In the future, you will find e-courses here as well, 24/7 at your disposal.

Like many other millenials, I routinely sign up for webinars, download piles of e-books, and follow motivational Instagram accounts. Self-development? Addictive as heck! Also, quite essential if you want to survive in our digital knowledge economy. I’ll dive deeper into that in a later blog. I’m well aware that devouring self-development content without actually doing something with it is just run-of-the-mill consumerism. Which is one of the reasons why I started Madame MarCom.

No Lamborghinis
As an online guide and mentor, I separate the sense and nonsense of marketing and communications for entrepreneurs.

So, the get-rich-quick schemes and shady online tricks are first off the table. If that’s your thing, this isn’t the blog for you. There’s thousands of Lambo-driving gurus who’d love to tell you all about them in their Instagram ads.

I curate and create content that helps entrepreneurial-minded, eager-to-learn people like you and I. With a Twents no-nonsense attitude, healthy critical thinking, and my personal vision in the mix. If you want additional personal help to get you going, you can use my marketing and communication services.

Humanely tech
Expect tech tips on online marketing and communications. Tools to make impactful messages through your website, social media and other channels. Simple, and step-by-step.

But also: the ‘humane’ side, the mindset, the psychology. That what is necessary to motivate you to start using technology in the first place. I can hand you all available tools on a silver platter. Send you beautifully designed e-books. All worthless until you find out what moves you.

So: speak up!
Let me know in the comments (or through my contact page) what marketing and communication subjects you struggle with. The more you share, the more I learn and the better I can help. I believe that entrepreneurs who want to be true to themselves and use marketing and communications to make a positive impact, may be heard and seen more. Therefore: Madame MarCom.